We offer high quality stages with or without roofs for events and concerts. The brand of stage parts is Prolyte, one of the best in the world, and their parts are made for frequent usage and demanding situations. Prolyte stages and roofs are characterized by small weight, large capacity, a choice of height (10cm-3m ), surface which is not slippery and usable in both closed and open spaces. If demanded, we can deliver other shapes and segments with plastic surface (against slipping) and even with a transparent surface. Roof systems are quality confirmed, as well as stages and trusses, and they satisfy all demanded European and world standards.

High quality trusses (aluminum construction) are also used for various ramps, ground supports and other constructions, which can be used as carriers to mount light and sound systems or other hanging objects. We also offer smaller constructions such as fair stands. All the stages elements and the whole stages can be bought as a complete unit, but are more often rented.


Sound devices are the core of our business, both in the domain of sales and in the domain of renting. We offer an assortment of microphones, mixing equipment, speakers, amplifiers and other gear unparalleled in Serbia, as we include in our stores equipment from many different brands, all of the top quality, and a many variants of the same or similar devices. Also, we cover a broad spectrum of clients, as we work with both single customers and large businesses, offering both quality headphones or speakers and huge speaker arrays for concerts. Some of the brands that we work with concerning audio equipment are Shure, AKG, Coda Audio, Allen&Heath, APB Dynasonics, Beyma and others.

PSP Elektronik is also helping the professionals who build their own sound system, as we offer parts for top-quality custom speakers. We have all the newest gadgets, including state-of-the-art mixing desks, and we provide free telephone support to all our customers.


We offer various kinds of professional lighting for stage use, both for concerts and theatres, lights for clubs and discotheques, and light installations for commercial venue such as malls or hotels. You can choose among a wide variety of light bulbs of smaller or greater power, and the reflectors which house such bulbs, or buy a reflectors with bulbs included. The most popular type of stage lighting are PAR lights - reflectors which house array of LED lights that can emit light or various colors, as well as make fantastic effects with combination of colors and shapes. These reflectors can work on their own, being in auto mode or they can be programmed and used with DMX controls. Other types of equipment that can use DMX controls are LED bars, strobes and scanners, all available in our store.

We provide all types of light controls, both those used directly or through the computer, including newest models which can drastically reduce the time needed to setup the lighting. All the controls come with free software for light designers, so you can plan and programme your show in advance. PSP Elektronik also sells and rents all types of special effects equipment like fog and haze machines and the material needed to run them.


Cables, adapters and electrical equipment is not so glamourous kind of merchandise as professional sound and lights, but are the important part of the every production. Stage managers, technicians and repairman can rely on PSP Elektronik to get highest quality products as well as to get best prices, with product range and prices far better than in any ordinary store. We supply our customers with cables with connectors and cables without connectors so they can choose the type of connector in our range which best suits their needs.

As standard parts of any stage or studio, our offer includes all the types of equipment used to deploy sound, video and light systems, such as stands, adapters, splitters, patch boxes, cable protection and other gear. The material needed for daily work like tapes, gloves, measuring instruments and all the other necessities in this field of work are also in our stores, and our partnership with household names such as Neutrik, Klotz, PCE, Defender Adam Hall and others is the guarantee that you can find any supporting equipment you might need right in our store.